BIRTHDAY PARTY: fairytale theme

25 07 2010

I learned something new while planning this party:  my four year old daughter has an opinion as to what she would like, so I don’t have full creative authority with her parties anymore.  She asked for a fairytale party and wanted to dress up as Snow White.  Easy enough.  Fairytale stories are endless.  It goes beyond Princesses.  It’s frogs, pirates, chickens, knights, dragons, fairies, and of course princes and princesses.  Endless stories also means endless decorating and creative possibilities.  We asked our friends to come dressed up as their favourite fairytale character.  While my oldest chose Snow White, I chose one of the Three Little Pigs for my youngest.  Her costume consisted of a cute plain pink bathing suit (as the party was at a beach) and a frilly tutu, with a pink pig hat.

Castle Cake

Castle Cake

This castle cake was time consuming.  The bottom tier is two twelve inch cakes and the top is three eight inch cakes.  The trim consists of green leaves, purple star flowers and white beading.  The towers, turrets, doors and windows are all part of the Wilton Romantic Castle Cake set.  The dark pink outlines and turret covering is pink sanding sugar, which is very pretty because it is shimmery.

Decorations:  Jack's Beanstalk

Decorations: Jack's Beanstalk

Jack’s Beanstalk:  Beware of Giant.  Decorations consisted of this beanstalk, streamers, balloons and tulle.  To help set the theme, there were many fairytale items mixed into the decorating.  There was a small picnic basket filled with bubble wands for the kids.  The picnic basket had a note on it which read:  Grandma, I hope you are feeling better soon.  Love Little Red Riding Hood.”  There was a bowel of apples with a sign “Snow White’s Apples.  Caution:  may cause drowsiness.”  The babies party favors were set up in front of a stuffed animal bear and they were fairy tale books with a package of instant oatmeal tied onto the book with ribbon.  The oatmeal had a paper label on it which read:  “Baby Bear’s Porridge.  ‘Someone’s been eating my porridge.'”

Craft Table

Craft Table

The take homes for the older kids were the crafts that were set up at the party.  I had three crafts:  Goldilocks and the Three Bears ~ Build-a-Bear; Jack and the Beanstalk ~ put a bean and wet napkins in a ziplock bag, zip the bag closed and put in a sunny spot and watch the bean sprout;  The Gingerbread Man ~ decorating gingerbread cookies.




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