BIRTHDAY PARTY: when I was a kid

27 02 2012

Every time one of the girls birthdays role around, my husband says “when I was a kid, we had hot dogs, potato chips, swamp water, cake and the kids left with a pack of playing cards.”  This was the foundation for this “when I was a kid” themed birthday party for my husband’s 36th birthday.

Hockey Rink CakeHockey Rink Cake

Hockey Rink Cake

Gel Food Colouring Swirls

Gel Food Colouring Swirls

Inside Cake

Inside Cake

My five year old daughter wanted the party to have some hockey influence to it, so we went on a hunt for some hockey cake accessories, only to be sadly disappointed.  We tried Michaels, Walmart and the Bulk Barn, but nothing for hockey.  We made due by using soccer nets and a Stanley Cup toy we had.  I was going to dye part of the batter blue, part green and leave some white, but then I was curious about what swirls of food coloring would look like throughout the batter.  It looked prettier on the top of the cake than while cutting it.  It is not something I’d likely do again, but am glad I tried it.

Table Decorations

Table Decorations

Even though I was trying to keep this party simple, I still needed to have some indication that it was a party through decorations.  This set up was very inexpensive, thanks to the dollar store and borrowing the goalie masks from a friend.

Swamp Water

Swamp Water

I have to say that I also remember swamp water from when I was a kid, although it seemed to taste better back then.  My girls liked it though … how’s that for passing along tradition?




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