6 04 2013

My youngest daughter is a bit of a diva … multiple wardrobe changes daily, a love of shoes, accessories and music and the occasional diva attitude.  It seemed the logical (and fun!) choice to have a rock star birthday party!  I always use Smilebox to make a photo invitation and thank you card.  The guests were all greeted at the door by my eldest daughter (who was lucky enough to stay home from school for the party), and given their VIP backstage pass.



My daughter’s favourite colour is pink, second favourite is purple, so I incorporated those colours into the decorations.  My husband has a large collection of vinyl records and I used them as a focal point over the fireplace.  The adults had fun reading the titles of the records.

Table Settings

Table Settings

Honestly, animal print is not my favourite, but I have to admit it does work very well for a rock star party.  I filled up votive candle holders with pink and purple candy that was on clearance at the Bulk Barn (the benefits of after Easter parties!).  I felt the runner needed a splash of colour and this seemed to do the trick very well.  On the menu:  penne with butter and parmesan cheese or with marinara sauce, fruit and raw veggies, and of course punch.



I went back and forth on what I was going to do for a cake for this party.  My thoughts went everywhere from attempting fondant, to a guitar shaped cake, to microphone cupcakes in an ice-cream cone (an idea I saw on pinterest), but finally settled on this DQ ice-cream cake.  The photo doesn’t really do it justice.



We started off the party sitting in a circle, introducing ourselves, and playing hot potato.  I got these cool coin purses from Michaels and filled them with Life Saver Gummies.  We used this as the “hot potato”.  Each time the music ended and a child was “out”, they got to go and design their guitar.  The last person in the game won the prize.  We also played pass the parcel where under each layer of paper there was a small gift (retro pins with pictures of ghetto blasters, cassette tapes, head phones….).  Finally, the last game was a variation of pin the tail on the donkey … our version was pin the jewel on Barbie.

Finally, each child left with their VIP badge, the pin they unwrapped during pass the parcel, the guitar they crafted and their loot bag.  The loot bag was a wrapped book with a bag of goodies attached by ribbon.  The bag of goodies included rock star candies, nail polish, and rocker tattoos among other things.

Favourite Gift

Favourite Gift

My daughter’s favourite gift she received?  A pink guitar.  When she opened it she said, “Ooh! It’s just what I wanted!”

Another successful party!




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